COST €200 PER BLOCK / 24 – 30 hours cost €130 per block

Our open studio sessions are held several times a month.  Choose whichever session/sessions you are interested in and pay with credit card by paypal.  If you want to pay by cash, you must email the studio for a good time to hand over the cash.  You must register and pay for your session before the date of the first day of the pose.  No walk ins are allowed, ever! All easels and work spaces are organized for you before the day of the first pose.
We provide you with the easels. Show up with your media like (drawing or painting materials). Easel positions are by raffle on the first day of the pose.  You will occupy this easel until the end of the session.

All open sessions are uninstructed. Our open studio sessions are for those artists who can work independently. No lessons are given.  We warm up with a couple of 5 to 10 minute poses.  The model then strikes a pose that he/she will hold for the rest of the session.  A session is either 24, 30, or 40 hours. The purpose of the long pose is to provide the artist  a structured environment to practice and hone his/her life drawing skills. We provide easels, a break room, a life model. We paint with controlled natural light. Because we draw or paint from one pose, you may be able to complete a drawing or painting within the those sessions. Currently all sessions are from 9:00 am to 5 pm .

By registering for our open studio sessions, you agree to follow our studio rules.  These studio rules are put in place so we can have structure and order in the studio.




 1. Fees are not refundable unless Flemish Classical Atelier cancels the class for any reason.
2. Fees are neither transferable nor exchangeable.
3. Artists are not allowed to photograph the model, unless special circumstances exist. You may not photograph other students without their permission.
4.  When necessary, the atelier will record instructor’s demos and students’ works.
5.  All telephones, GSM, and mobile devices must be switched off during sessions, and must be put on vibrate when working in the atelier with other artists. Music devices are also disallowed during sessions.
6.  Never touch the model or correct the model’s pose. The appointed proctor will do so.
7. Do not harass other artists. If you have a disagreement with another student, you may take it up with the Program Director for mediation after class.  Disruption of classes due to disagreement between two students is prohibited. Continued disruption will require us to send the students out of the classroom. If a physical fight for any reason should occur, we will be forced to call the Bruges police.
8. Neither Flemish Classical atelier, or their assigns is liable for:

i.) Any injuries or health problems sustained by the student during the session.

ii) Any and all stolen property at the atelier. Store your properties safely.
9. Smoking inside the building is prohibited.
10. Use of illegal drugs is prohibited inside the building.
11. Accommodation is assigned by the program director.
12. Seating arrangement in class is by raffle
13. Chattering is not allowed during sessions.
14. Classes start at 9 am. The studio is open at 8:30 am. All artists are required to be at their easels before the model takes the stand at 9 am prompt.
15. Studio doors shut at 9 am and reopen during the next break. If an artist is late, he must wait until break to rejoin the session.
16. Coffee and tea are provided at the atelier but we have no studio elf. Therefore all artists must wash their cups and dishes, re-stock them appropriately before leaving the studio for the day.
17. There is a break room/coffee room. Please eat and drink in there for your safety. Food/drinks are therefore not allowed inside the studio. Bottled water is allowed.
18. Do not bring in soda cans or leave half open soda cans inside the studio. Use the break room.
19. Do not bring in smelly turpentine into the studio. Gamsol odorless solvent is allowed. Seriously no exception.
20. All artists are required to keep their work area clean. Dispose of waste in the appropriate waste can as designated by the City of Bruges.
21.  No pets are allowed inside the studio or break room