ARC Living Master™ Robert Liberace
The Golden Age of Flemish and Dutch Art: Dynamic Drawing and Painting in the Manner of Rubens and Hals
(including special excursions to important sites such as The Rubens House Museum)

JULY 26 _AUG 5, 2022
Tuition:  €1850


Inspired by the exuberant manner of Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Hals, this class will study the materials, methods and style from two of the greatest 17th century masters. The first week will feature Ruben’s troi-crayon technique along with his distinctive chromatic use of oils with a particular focus on the figure and anatomy.

The second week will emphasize portraiture in oils with a strong influence of Hals’ painterly style and “premier coup“ approach. Models will be posing each day both figure and costume work. The workshop will also involve a trip to study first hand the work of Rubens in his own house and studio in Antwerp along with an excursion to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (If it is open at this time) to examine both Rubens and Hals masterworks.

INSTRUCTION: Demos and on the easel critiques.
CLASS HOURS: 9am to 4pm with lunch break at 12 noon. Classes are 6 hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday However, this first Saturday is exclusively for museum studies and lectures;
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