Welcome to the Flemish Classical Atelier vzw (a not for profit organization). The Atelier is located in the Center of fabulous City of Brugge (Bruges in English)  in Belgium.  Bruges is located in the Flemish part of Belgium.  Bruges, referred to as Venice of the North, is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and was home to most of the Old Flemish masters.


Flemish Classical Atelier vzw, is established to provide an international environment for structured Classical drawing and painting programs in Belgium.  We provide classical art training to the contemporary artist of any age.  The atelier offers an international environment for artists from all around the world to be immersed and collaborate in classical painting and drawing intensive courses and residencies, surrounded by the rich art and culture of Flemish Belgium.

Flemish Classical Atelier vzw, provides an international environment for the artistic development and collaboration of visual artists from around the globe. Since 2010, we have hosted artists from over 30 different countries, each with a different background and technique, but with an overall desire to collaborate, cooperate, improve and learn from not only the master in residence but other artists in the program. Our courses feature long term atelier programs in drawing and painting, as well as short term master workshops.  Studio work, Cultural immersion, museum and historical monument lectures are all part of our intensive programs.

We pursue artistic research in excellence in craftsmanship and draftsmanship, without regard to the individual technique of the artist. All our immersion drawing and painting workshops are taught by international master artists, well recognized in their fields.
Our program has admitted artists from the United States, Belgium, Italy,The Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, England, Africa, Australia, Portugal, Ireland, China, France, Hong kong, Spain and more.
International painting and drawing workshops are run throughout the year and include: -Portrait and Figure Drawing from Life, -Portrait and Figure Painting from Life, Still Life Painting, Landscapes, Bargue Drawing Course, Cast Drawing, Cast Painting, and Master Copies.