DATE: June 4 – 14, 2022
Course Fee: €1,299


APPLICATION: To apply for this course:

Glen Kessler will run a painting workshop at the vaunted Flemish Classical Atelier in Brugge (Bruges) and accompany students on cultural tours through the town and beyond. Depart the States on June 3 to arrive in Bruges on June 4. We will use June 5 to explore our host city and capture images that we will paint from in the workshop. Paint in a week-long workshop at The Flemish Classical Atelier June 6-10. Then enjoy June 11-14 as we visit museums, iconic buildings, and the nearby city of Antwerp (home to Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens).


Bruges is a historic fairy-tale-like city, and it is the birthplace of oil painting. Whether your interests are food (their chocolate, fries, and mussels are legendary), drink (their beer is reputed to be the best in all the world), architecture (with adorable gabled buildings and bridges galore), or art history (the Flemish Primitives were some of the first yet best oil painters in the history of the medium) you are sure to find days of intrigue throughout Bruges..


The Flemish Classical Atelier has played host to dozens of the world’s top workshop teachers as well as offering its own course of regular study steeped in the traditions of master art-making. We are thrilled to have a superb host facility to work with.


JUNE 3-4

Travel day from DC to Belgium on an overnight flight. We can discuss flights as a group for those who would like to travel together (cost of flight not included).


Meet in the morning for a lecture on composition and lighting, then set out on your own or with Glen to gather images to paint from in the workshop. A great day to get your bearings and explore the local area.

JUNE 6-10

With our images selected, we will work in the spacious and historical Flemish Classical Atelier to craft our masterpieces. Glen will lecture and demonstrate effective drawing, color, and painting techniques.

Days will be spent in class in the Atelier. Evenings will be spent dining and experiencing Bruges’ wonderful culture.

Enjoy all that Bruges has to offer during 3 days of walking tours of the town and its incredible museums. We will plan to visit the Markt, Belfort, Historium, Groeningmusuem, Saint Johns Hospital and more.


Celebrate Glen’s birthday with trips to the Groeningmusuem and Saint Johns Hospital, home to some of the greatest oil paintings ever made.


An incredible day trip to Antwerp, ancestral home to Baroque master artist Peter Paul Rubens. Located just 45 minutes’ train ride from Bruges, we will visit Ruben’s house and the town’s incredible Musuem KMSKA.


We end where we began: Bruges. We close our trip with a lighthearted trip to the Potato and Chocolate Museums. You cannot visit Bruges without hitting these quirky yet deeply satisfying museums.


Departure day.

This entire tour is ideal for artists of ANY skill level (especially beginners who will benefit from the focused time in the studio). Spouses and non-artists will also thoroughly enjoy themselves with both scripted and unscripted time.

JUNE 4-14, 2022

TOTAL COST: €1,299

This is the cost for workshop instruction, tours, museum entry fees, and our welcome dinner and departure dinner. Transportation, accommodations, and meals outside those listed are the responsibility of the participant. Early enrollees will be able to coordinate for a group rate on accommodations. In the past, the hotel we stayed at included a phenomenal breakfast in the cost of the room. An email will go out in late 2021 to discuss these topics and more.

By filling out the application, you agree to our studio rules. Students are admitted into the program automatically upon complete payment until the maximum number is reached. Payment by Paypal, using credit card is our regular method of payment.  If you prefer to make payment via bank transfer, please email [email protected] for instructions on how to proceed.

Tuition is  non-refundable.  Should the Flemish Classical Atelier cancel the course for any reason, fees are refunded.  All fees are due upon registration, unless specified.

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