Cuong Nguyen
5 Days  Intensive Verdaccio Techniques with Pastels
May 16-20, 2022
Course fee: Euros 750 (5 days)


A. Workshop Description
This workshop will feature live model, and Cuong will demonstrate his own techniques to draw from life using soft pastels and pastel pencils. Students will learn to use an approach that helps them see the big shapes first, and then go into details towards the end of the session.
The first day of the workshop will be an orientation to all materials involved and a complete demonstration of the process of painting the head from a live model. Students will do some exercises on how to apply pastels on sanded paper to create realistic skin-tones.
The remainder of the ten-day workshop will continue with instruction on the proportions of the head from basic line to more advanced anatomical study. From there, we will focus on developing a likeness from the model by learning to interpret what we see–simplifying the features and focusing on basic shapes and forms as described by masses of color, plus light and shadow. Demonstrations and individual attention will be emphasized, enabling each student to produce a finished drawing by workshop completion.
This workshop is designed to create a relaxed, informative, yet focused working environment for all skill levels. The core of the lesson will be based on drawing, values, edges, composition and creating life-like skin tone color. Students will focus on the fundamentals of drawing the human head while developing new skills in pastel
B. Materials List
1. Paper
     4 sheets of Sennelier La Carte Pastel Card 19″x25″ (Recommended color: Dark Grey)
    OR 4 sheets of Wallis sanded paper (18″x24″) (Recommended color: Grey)
2. Stabilo CarbOthello Pastel Pencils (Required colors)
    Titanium White (100)
     Ivory (105)
     Carmine Red (310)
     Magenta (335)
     Violet Deep (385)
     Ultramarine Blue Middle (430)
     Leaf Green Middle (570)
    Leaf  Green (575)
     Olive Green (585)
     Leaf Green Deep (595)
     Dark Ochre (615)
     Burnt Ochre (620)
     Burnt Umber (625)
     Bister (635)
     Caput Mortuum Violet (640)
     Caput Mortuum Violet Light (642)
    Caput Mortuum Red (645)
    Dark Flesh Tint (680)
     Flest Tint Light (681)
     Sienna (685)
     Gray 1 (700)
     Gray 3 (704)
     Gray 4 (704)
     Warm Gray 5 (708) 
     Neutral Black (750)
     Lamp Black (760)
Other recommended colors: 
Orange (221) 
Magenta (335)
Cyan Blue (450)
Cobalt Blue (425)
Indian Yellow (215)
English Red Deep (655)
French Red Ochre (675)
3. Additional pastels of your choosing: 
Some Nupastels and/or soft pastels that you may use for clothing and backgrounds
4. Accessories: 
Drawing board (23″x26″)
Utility knife for sharpening pencils (models with perforated, snap-off blades are best)
A small plastic bowl for collecting pencil shavings
2 sheets of Glassine paper for covering your works after the workshop is over
Artist tape to hold drawing paper in place
Paper towels
Mahl stick (optional)

INSTRUCTION: Demos and on the easel critiques. 
CLASS HOURS: 9am to 4pm with lunch at 12 noon. Classes are 6 hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday
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