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This workshop will introduce students to both Portrait Drawing and Portrait painting exercises Jeffrey R. Watts has developed and honed over the past 30 years at WattsAtelier of the arts in Encinitas Ca. The first 5 days will emphasize various portrait exercises in charcoal and  oil.  We will explore palettes from Monochrome, Zorn and Full Color and the second 5 days will focus on the execution of one finished piece in both Drawing and painting.

Jeff  is known as one of the foremost authorities on the Reilly method and will walk the students through some of his most effective and tried methods for Gesture drawing/Painting, how to successfully paint from photo’s and Master Studies, as well as how to tackle the longer live model sessions.  Emphasis will be placed on exploring these various modalities of study through structured exercises throughout the 10 days.  These exercises will help the students to start cultivating the confidence to further explore this most challenging subject on their own after returning home.

Come prepared for Jeff’s intense one on one highly energetic and philosophic approach to one of his favorite subjects in both Paint and Charcoal.   He prefers a direct style of teaching in which each student gets frequent work overs on their drawings and paintings as well as frequent class demonstrations.