An Historical Approach to painting techniques

The rejuvenation of painting and the pedagogical methods that provide for its instruction would require a reevaluation (through close reading) of information embedded within the narrativity of technique. This calls for an historical approach that traces, through the different technical strategies of painters, threads of argument concerning the nature of pictorial thought.

With a focus spanning the area between execution and theory, students will develop a deeper awareness of the choices they make regarding technique . They will develop a clearer understanding of the historical origins and precedence of their own aspirations as painters and be able to place their explorations within the context today’s horizon of expectations.

In this workshop we will examine the development of the “idea” of form in western art as the key rational signifier originating with the birth of perspective. The color revolution initiated by Delacroix and galvanized by subsequent artists will be understood in relation to the classical optics of illumination.

During the session, our focus will be on the classical model of illumination, and the sound construction of masses in space. Indirect method will be employed with emphasis placed on degrees of opacity, transparency and translucency.

Color will be addressed in relationship to light and separated into chroma (the effects caused by the temperature of light) and local color.

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