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allegory_of_spring-largeParticipants of this painting adventure will explore the exciting possibilities and the freedom of personal expression, that the Venetian method of old is able to offer to them. This method lends itself readily to a mix between perceptive skills ( with regards to detecting nature`s complexities ), and ones ability to imagine and express personal sentiment.

Therefore, the Venetian method is a chance to dive into a world of authentic creativity, and within the framework of classical painting, allows for various compositional changes and vigorous spontaneity during the creative act.

The following steps will be taken to ensure the positive results participants are surely looking for:

– Thumbnail sketches will be produced from imagination in either charcoal or pencil. A composition involving two figures or more will come into existence on paper. The figures will exist in an imaginary environment.
– One figure will be observed from nature ( making use of a life model ), and the other (s) figures are created from imagination. Up to this point, no references from nature are necessary.
– The thumbnail sketch will be transferred onto canvas, and then be painted in oil ( high key grisaille ).
– The completed oil sketch will be prepared for color through the application of a brownish/greenish wash.
– Participants will immediately become familiar with the optical grey phenomena- so typically found in Venetian paintings.
– A color study will come into existence- still done entirely from imagination.
– After the color study is completed, with the help of a model, an academic pencil study will be produced.
– A pencil study of a figure ( or more than one figure ) from imagination will be produced. The lighting conditions on that figure will match ( as much as possible ) the lighting conditions of the academic pencil study from nature.
– The color study having determined a particular composition, is enlarged onto canvas.
– The finished pencil study from nature will be transferred onto and into the enlarged composition on canvas.
– The finished pencil studies from imagination will be transferred onto and into the enlarged composition on canvas.
– The enlarged composition will be painted in a high key grisaille, involving the figures within the imagined environment.
– Said composition will receive a brownish/greenish wash.
– The coloration process will involve the model in the one figure drawn from nature. The optical grey phenomena and its implications with regards to natural looking flesh tones will be discussed. The advantages and disadvantages of the Venetian method, in comparison to other traditional methods, are being explored in practice and theory.
– The coloration process on the figure from imagination will also be done from imagination, as well as the environment.

The goal for all participants is to produce a fairly finished or an entirely finished authentic multi figure composition on canvas, created from nature and the imagination, in the Venetian method.

I will do whatever I can to support all participants in this quest mentally, emotionally and technically. The firm believe that high quality in art and genuine uniqueness are one and the same, causes me to take an individualistic approach in my teaching method. The personal sentiment of all participants will be treated with the utmost respect, and self doubts pertaining the creative act will be met with strong encouragement. The personal empowerment of each participant is at the forefront of this course.
Course format: Lectures, Demos, on the easel critiques on a daily basis.

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Application Procedure

  1. Class hours are: 9am to 4pm with lunch at 12 noon (6 hours a day, five days a week)
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