A Modern Approach to the Classic Figure
ARC Living Master™ Robert Liberace

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JULY 15 – 26, 2019
Course fee: €1850
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This two week day class will explore both classic method of figure drawing and the modern manner of alla prima oil painting with an emphasis on modeling and finish. The first week will be devoted to red chalk and silverpoint drawing using modern drawing tools and focusing on anatomical precision. The complexities of drawing technique including hatching and sculptural modeling will be highlighted.

The final week  will focus on the alla prima painting approach which will allow students to compose a figure painting with the look and finish of classic Renaissance paintings. Though alla prima (the direct manner of finishing a painting while it is wet) is often considered an impressionistic approach, it is also ideal for the careful and thorough modeling which is a hallmark of classical painting. This approach will allow students to thoroughly and efficiently complete a painting without the time consuming classic approach of glazed layers. Methods of drawing, paint manipulation and color arrangement will be included and a thorough analysis of the anatomy will be stressed.

INSTRUCTION: Demos and on the easel critiques.
CLASS HOURS: 9am to 4pm with lunch at 12 noon. Classes are 6 hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday.
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