ARC Living Master™ Max Ginsburg
EVOCATIVE MULTI-FIGURE PAINTINGS – Now available for one or two weeks
July 16-27, 2018 (Live Demo on July 15!)
Course fee: €1650 – One week (€825)

The purpose of this workshop is to develop our skills for traditional realistic painting. Our approach will be alla prima painting from life concerned with careful observation of the forms forms that we see.   Instead we see and paint the large basic forms, first working for design, proportion and gesture and then develop the smaller forms.  Throughout the development of the painting we are constantly observing the unique forms of the model.  We paint what we see, not what we know because the forms are always unique.  Seeing the relationship of values and colors are most important in this workshop.  As the painting develops we see and discover new and different relationships that are part of reality.

The painting procedure involves knowing how to use the paint, pallet, brushes, medium, etc.  We will develop the use of cool and warm colors to paint the colors we actually see, and how all colors are affected by lighting conditions and their relationship to other colors.
The instructor will give short demonstrations at the beginning of a painting procedure each day and again later during the development of the painting.  The instructor will mostly be critiquing students work individually every day.

A longer demonstration, about 2-3 hours will be given the day before the workshop, not during the workshop on July 15! All students should take note of this and prepare. Exact time of the demo will be emailed to registrants with the final workshop instructions.

First Week Syllabus: Head and Figure Studies – (July 16 – 20):

  • We will begin the week with head and figure oil painting studies and later develop paintings of longer poses.
  • Instructor will give short demos each day thus allowing more time for students to work on their own painting.
  • Attention will be given to the use of materials and especially to the use and mixing of colors.
  • Traditional realistic paintings by contemporary artists and Old Masters will be shown as reference.















Second Week Syllabus: Concentration on painting a multi-figure composition from life: (July 23 – 27)

  • Discussion of concept
  • Posing two models in a situation
  • Painting studies in oil of the models
  • Background reference material
  • Pencil layout sketch and grid
  • Grid Larger canvas with grid in proportion
  • Transfer layout drawing in proportion onto larger canvas
  • Alla prima painting block-in from life on larger panel
  • Development of the multifigure painting from life.


INSTRUCTION: Demos and on the easel critiques. Attention is given to each students INDIVIDUAL needs.
CLASS HOURS: 9am to 4pm with lunch at 12 noon. Classes are 6 hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday.
LIVE DEMO ON JULY 15! Free to registrants.

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APPLICATION: To apply for this course:
By filling out the following application, you agree to our studio rules. Students are admitted into the program automatically upon complete payment until the maximum number is reached. Payment by Paypal, using credit card is our regular method of payment.  If you prefer to make payment via bank transfer, please email for instructions on how to proceed.

 Tuition is  non-refundable.  Should the Flemish Classical Atelier cancel the course for any reason,  all fees are refunded.

Accommodation: You may make your own living arrangements.  You may request to share housing with other students. There are 2 bedrooms and 3 bedroom housing. There are also all classes of hotels and hostels.  An official accommodation list is provided by the City of Brugge. Past students have found great accommodation by going through AirBnB.


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