5 Days  Intensive Program on Drawing Faces
September 17 – 21,  2018
Course fee: Euros 450 (5 days – 30 hours)

This workshop will feature live model and/or photos references.

This 5-day portrait drawing workshop will begin with instruction on the proportions of the head from basic lines to more detailed rendering of features based on an understanding of anatomy. For the first day, students will learn to use pencil or conte to draw facial features and then how to put them together with realistic proportions. On the second day, Nguyen will do a demonstration of the process of drawing the head from a live model. We will develop a likeness of the model by learning to interpret what we see, and by simplifying the features and focusing on basic shapes and forms. If you are compelled to become a portrait artist and really want to master the art of how to draw faces that are realistic and lifelike, this workshop is for you!

Cuong Nguyen's Bio

Trained to be a traditional portraitist at the age of 10 in his native Vietnam, Cuong has always had a passion for drawing human faces. He believes that a successful painting requires that he establish an emotional connection with his subject, so that the viewer in turn connects at an emotional level with his work. Cuong has been invited to teach in and outside the country, including Mexico, China, & Costa Rica. Cuong has won awards for his paintings, including Prix de Pastel at the IAPS’s 2011 Master Circle Exhibition and Grand Prize Award 2010 Pastel Journal Magazine. Cuong earned his PSA Master Pastelist, Master Circle status of IAPS, and Distinguished Pastelist of PSWC.


INSTRUCTION: Demos and on the easel critiques.
CLASS HOURS: 9am to 4pm with lunch at 12 noon. Classes are 6 hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Friday
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