Classical Portraiture with Still Life Atelier Training
Date: August 21-31, 2017 – (60 hours instruction, includes painting in the weekend!)
Course fee: €1500)

A two week intensive Atelier training in Painting Unique portraits that stand out.

The class will focus on painting from the live model. The instructor will set up models in good poses for the students to work from that incorporate both the figure, portrait and still life elements as well as background. Because of the length and depth of the course students are encouraged to work large to better explore brush work and expression and lend more presence to their work. Working large is also a fantastic way to improve your abilities and break new ground.

Time for designing and rendering the back ground and still life will also be given while the model is not up, allowing students to learn working studio practices. Still life and composition will be covered here, including texture and special effects as well as edges and making executive decisions in your work on what areas need more focus or to recede to better gain illusion.

Stages of preliminary drawing, coloring and values, painting and rendering will be covered. Anatomy will also be discussed, along with pertinent lectures on painting techniques and styles.

A set palette of paints will also be assigned and discussed before painting. We will use traditional colors along with modern ones and cover a few mediums that will also be used for the class.

Instructor's materials list

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INSTRUCTION: Demos and on the easel critiques.
CLASS HOURS: 9am to 5 pm with lunch at 12 noon. Classes are 7 hours a day, five days a week, Monday to Saturday.(This schedule is subject to rearrangement by the instructor, depending on the class)

APPLICATION: To apply for this course:
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3. We will admit students on a rolling bases into the program until the maximum number is reached.
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5. Tuition is non-refundable. Should the Flemish Classical Atelier cancel the course for any reason, fees are refunded. All fees are due upon registration.

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