(European Academism – XIX Century Techniques)


This workshop’s objective will be to focus on the classic drawing techniques and on academic painting. Particular attention will be placed on the European Academism of the XIX century. The course will historically investigate the methodology of the old masters with the purpose to create a finished painting by the end of the two-week period. This will be done with the model from life, by following a process of traditional execution, from drawing to monochromatic painting, culminating in the final work with colors.
Several demonstrations will be shown in order to explain, in the best way, all the techniques steps.
The program will be broken down into the following:

First week: Drawing and monochromatic painting (grisaille)
The initial stage of drawing will be subdivided in two core parts:
First part: structuring of a drawing, study and positioning of shapes in space, considering proportions, artistic anatomy and perspective.
Second part: Chiaroscuro, rendering of volumes through modelling of shadows and lights,, use of contrasts and propedeutic preparation for the painting, through the usage of blending stumps.
The monochromatic painting phase will be a consequential passage from drawing to painting, therefore, the drawing will be replicated on the canvas where the monochrome will be painted. This methodology will enable a simpler approach to the academic technique of painting, because initially it will be realized modelling the volumes with only one color.

Second week: color painting and final touches
Once the underpainting is concluded on the canvas and the basic notions of the technique are acquired, thanks to the precedent monochrome phase, during the entire second week the academic method of painting with colors will be addressed. The participants will create the painting with the use of color over the monochrome foundation, acquiring teaching about the color usage, from glazes to impasto. Finishing touches will be the last topic of the workshop, with notions about the last steps to conclude the painting.

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