Cunningham_Amber_graphite on paperAngela Cunningham – Atelier Core Training in Drawing and Painting

The audience for this course is the beginning artist and the intermediate student who wants to be grounded in the atelier method of drawing and painting from the ground up.

At the core of our visual literacy program is our firm belief that anyone can learn to draw and paint at any age, when provided the appropriate instructions.
These one month intensive programs will provide the ‘student’ artist with the core training required to advance their skills as artists.

These intensives will give students a chance to fully immerse themselves in the classical atelier techniques of Drawing and/or in Painting. The instructor will have a chance to fully introduce and explain the whole process from the start of a block-in to completing a fully rendered drawing or finished painting.

In the first Drawing Intensive students will begin with drawing in graphite the various plates from the Charles Bargue Drawing Course Book. This book was published and used in the late nineteenth Century as a way to prepare art students to draw from nature. These plates are still used in Classical Ateliers across the globe for training skill, method, and accuracy.  In the afternoons students will move to drawing the Cast from life observation. Emphasis will be placed on accuracy of Block-in and Form Modeling. It is in the understanding and practicing of the visual tools of blocking-in that students develop their measuring and shape-seeing abilities. In the Form Modeling stage of drawing students are introduced to the principles of “light on form”. They are taught the pitfalls of purely visual observation and are introduced to a more conceptual way of seeing.

cunningham_safe_inprogressshots In the Painting Intensive students will advance to Still life painting and Master copies in oils. Students will learn to block in a drawing with graphite, transfer, paint in grisaille, followed by a full color palette. Light on form and principles and color theory will be discussed. Master copies will be chosen on a visit to the Groeninge Museum which is just around the corner from the school.  We will be working from images of these works chosen in the studio and visiting the museum to get a in-depth understanding of the artists’ method, color palette, and composition.

Bargue, Cast drawing, Still life painting and Master copies are traditional academic training methods that allow students to focus and fine tune foundational skills for high accuracy. Each student will get a chance to organize a strategic method of thought and process to develop a clear approach to drawing and painting.


cunningham-flower-and-lace_20-x-16_-oil-on-canvasFor a full understanding of the atelier method, it is recommended both Intensives be taken together, but students have a choice to take one or Both Intensives. You get a substantive discount for taking both courses. Students are encouraged to purchase a museum pass from Groenige museum as frequent visits to this museum is expected.